Monday, February 15, 2010

2/16/2010 1:07AM

Dearest Universe,

I feel more and more compelled to withdraw as much as I can from you. I find myself speaking less, interacting with few, and forgetting more. What shall I become ?


  1. Dear Sisyphus,

    Why do you forsake me? I have done nothing to you... in fact, I've done little to nothing for anyone except continue to expand and reach out into the voids while all the matter within me did what it pleased... I did occasionally cause a few galactic collisions for entertainment purposes...

    But I digress, I am truly dismayed that you willfully cast me aside with such ease. But truth is, nothing would exist if it weren't for me, and my big explosion and expansion and the subsequent side effects of the laws I created. And what would be the point of all this if you just checked out of the cosmic order and just pretended I didn't exist anymore. Truth is, you're needed in the greater scheme of things. Your ancestors wouldn't have lived and died in an unending succession of natural selection so you could just recuse yourself from the responsibility of existence. So knock it off... stop hiding from it all, and join the rest of the matter in my body and see it through.

    The Universe.

  2. Universe - 148,589,234,768 Sisyphus - 0 lol