Sunday, January 31, 2010

Light and Dark

Maybe the two can co-exist after all...

I'm going to have to withdraw from a lot of outside influences for a while. I need to figure out what, in reality, is truth and what is only accepted as truth. I'm going to have to scrap everything I know about the nature of Light and Dark and find out for myself what they really are. Is it possible that neither is "good" or "bad" ? I know that both are necessary and that both have their redeeming and useful qualities but... to what degree ? In what amounts ? At what times ? Are they even controllable ?

One can say, "Don't fight it. What will be will be." but I believe that we DO have a degree of control over our own destinies. Now that I can no longer claim allegiance to either side I must figure out where this leaves me and where to go from here.

Dear Universe,

I will affect you as you have affected me. This is the only thing that has never, and will never change. You WILL remember me.

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